Budget Keep

Track the way you spend today!
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Intuitive List Display

See all your monthly spend on a single screen

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Rich Graphical Display

Gain insights into how you spend your money through a pie chart representation

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User Driven Application

Add items you wish to track your monthly spend on and be able to update on the fly

About App

Budget Keep, the ultimate monthly spend tracking application

Budget Keep is great for the whole family. For adults to track how they spend their income and meet their financial goals, for the elderly to budget correctly based on their monthly retirement payout and for kids to learn about managing their finance from a young age.

Budget Keep is the ultimate monthly spend tracking application. The application is intuitive to use and insightful in the data it provides. It allows the user to be in charge, from inputting monthly spend categories, to setting a budget for each of these. Highlighting when the budget for that category has been exceeded, helping to reevaluate the way you spend your money. The graphical displays aide in seeing what eats up your money most on a month by month basis, helping you see if adjustments need to be made in your spending patterns. If you want to be better at handling your money, then budget keep isn’t just an application, it’s a lifestyle choice.

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